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How Does A Business Participate?  Any Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Member in good standing may participate.  Members wishing to participate must complete the Program Participation Agreement, either online or on paper, and then complete a comprehensive Checklist to be evaluated in order to attain one of four levels: Entry Level, Bronze Level, Silver Level or Gold Level. There are five different checklists for businesses depending on the daily operations of that business: Accommodations, Amusements, Professional Services, Retail and Schools.

The Goal of the Program for 2009 was to have 75% of the Membership businesses as members of Gatlinburg Goes Green by the Annual Banquet on November 16, 2009. The Chamber is proud to announce that they reached this goal in honor of the 75th Anniversary of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In 2010, the Chamber surpassed the goal of having 10% of Gatlinburg Goes Green members at the Bronze participation level and above.

The Program Participation Agreement is a simple signup form asking for business contact information. Signing the Agreement makes the business a "new signup" member of the program.

The Checklist provides nine fields in which the participating evaluates current  efforts that the business has taken to improve its impact on the environment.  Points are awarded in each and will be used by the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce to recognize Member businesses that are making a difference. Should a business make improvements during the year they are welcome to submit an updated checklist.

Fields where Green Points can be obtained.

A. Communication and Education

B. Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycle

C. Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Management

D. Water Conservation and Wastewater Management

E. Air Quality

F. Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Management

G. Transportation

H. Purchasing

I. Local Community Benefits

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Want to do more to help make Gatlinburg the most environmentally-friendly city in the nation? Click here for ideas.

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